Margherita pizza

FYI I’m no expert on pizza. Lots if YouTube videos helped me achieve the result. I will put up the links here too.😊

I grew up in a small town near Mangaluru(Mangalore). And growing up didn’t see a lot if junk food. Fried samosas, cutlets would constitute to junk food then. Then came gobi Manchurian. God we loved having that. 

I was introduced to pizza’s sometime in 2004-5. And I remember this was probably when Domino’s pizza, Pizza Hut opened up in Mangalore. Our visits to Manoeuvre were generally limited to visiting Ideals ice-cream parlor. More about it some other time 😁.

The first ever pizza I had was from Cochin bakery. And frankly now that I have tasted some other amazing pizzas that was not remotely related to Pizza. However everyone has their own interpretation. My most favorite pizzas till day remain from Domino’s. I love their cheese burst pizzas.

Coming back to the recipe. Here it goes.

Margherita pizza

Serves 4 slices

2cups wheat flour

2 cups all purpose flour/maida

Olive oil 3 tsp

Dry yeast 1-2 tbsp



Basil leaves 8-10

Tomatoes 1

Mozzarella cheese 1 cup grated

Pizza seasoning



  1. Sieve  wheat flour and maida into a vessel.Add pinch of salt,a tsp of olive oil into the mixture.
  2.  In a warm glass of water add dry yeast and mix well till yeast is completely dissolved. The mixtures is thicker at the bottom of the glass.
  3. If required add 1/2 tap of pizza seasoning into the flour mixture. Now add the yeast mixture into the flour and start making the dough.
  4.  Knead the dough very well. The dough should not be sticky. To test , you can press a finger in the dough if the dough bounces back to its shape at the pressed point once u release your finger the dough is ready. If not knead some more.
  5. Now keep the dough for proofing foe around 2 hours. Place it on a surface with some semolina.
  6. After 2 hours knead the dough some more to remove the air.
  7. Now roll the dough according to required thickness. If u love thin crust pizza you can cut the dough and make 2 pizza’s. I like thick crust one so I rolled it that way. You can use a rolling pin/belan  to roll it or use your hands. 
  8. Meanwhile preheat oven at 180℃ for 15-20 mins.
  9. Now bake the crust for 20 mins at 180℃ in a tray . Do not forget to put some semolina in the tray.
  10. After this, remove crust from the oven,spread the pizza sauce on the crust . Put some tomatoes,basil leaves and mozzarella cheese and bake for another 5  mins.(until cheese melts).

And there is my pizza baked to perfection. I bake the crust first and on the bottom plate of oven I put some water so that the crust doesn’t turn hard. My oven takes lot of time to cook the crust hence I do it separately.


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